October 14, 2013

Peaceful Pursuit

Warning. This is going to be one of those posts where I go on a random tangent about life and school and the future and other nonsense that doesn't relate to baking. But hey, that's okay. You all want to read about my personal struggles, right? Thought so ;)

Growing up, no one told me how hard it would be to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. Well, maybe they did, but I didn't listen. I was too set on being a vet or a teacher or a journalist. It changed pretty often, but at the time, I was always so sure of what I wanted to spend years of my life invested in. Entering my freshman year at UGA, I was absolutely positive I would be a journalist. And still, my farthest reaching fantasy is to be Erin Andrews. I would love love love love to get paid (the big bucks, too) to go to sporting events and watch from the sidelines, interviewing players and coaches in the process. But, that being said, something didn't feel right about being a journalism major. It just didn't fit my personality, and getting all up in someone's business to write a juicy story wasn't something I felt comfortable doing. So I became a Marketing major, and that is where I stand today. What I want to do with that major, I still don't know. Obviously I would love to own my own storefront one day, but in my case, it's not realistic to do that right out of college. I sit in my Finance and Econ classes at school and wonder what in the heck I am doing as a business major, but then I'm reminded of the One who placed me where I am. The Great I Am has been orchestrating my life from the very beginning, so why start worrying now? I have no idea where life will lead me when I graduate. No. Idea. But I know Someone who does, and He provides peace that transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7). Today, I am so grateful for that peace. I'm not entirely sure of my point in sharing this rambling, but it was something I wanted to get off my chest. Maybe someone else out there needed to hear about the Lord's provision today? 

Now to awkwardly transition into baking...here is cake that I am quite proud of. 

Baking and cake decorating is stressful. I'm producing a good for someone, and they expect it to be perfect. They have placed their trust in me, and I have to deliver. If you saw me in the kitchen while I was working on a big project, you would think I was crazy. I often have flour and icing all over me-- in my hair, on my face, ALL over my clothes. You do NOT want to try to talk to me while I'm working. My parents know that first hand. I'm not pleasant when I'm stressed. But despite all of that, I still love what I do. It is my passion and talent. Seeing a successfully finished cake makes all of the stress and worry worth it. That scenario was definitely the case with this 60th anniversary cake. Lots of things kept going wrong, but somehow, everything came together to create something I hope was thoroughly enjoyed. I would want want to spend my busy, often worrisome hours doing anything else. 

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