December 3, 2013

Ordering Options

First of all, I'd like to ask, where did November go?

I probably say this at the end of every month, but honestly, I remember 2 or 3 days of November, and the rest are a blur. It's really a shame that has to happen. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. Anyone who knows me at all knows that. I remember driving around in late October/early November just trying to take in the beauty of the colorful trees, and it was practically impossible. However, too much beauty to handle is not a bad thing at all, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, fall is nearing its end and winter is creeping in. I'm not a fan of winter, but I AM a fan of all things Christmas.

This post is pretty much purely for advertisement purposes. I want to inform you of most of the ordering options you have for the Christmas season. I know how busy this time of year can get with Christmas shopping, parties, cooking, family events, etc. It's not easy to find time to get creative for end of the year teacher gifts or special treats for the neighbors. That's what I'm here for! Here are some of the products I'm offering for this Christmas season.

4 pack of cupcakes ($6.00 each w/out fondant, $8.00 each with fondant) 

Cupcakes in a Jar ($3.50 each, includes ribbon, fork, and tag) 

Individually Packaged Cupcake ($2.00 each, includes ribbon and tag) 

Cupcakes by the dozen WITHOUT fondant ($15 per dozen for vanilla, $21 per dozen for other flavor)

Cupcakes by the dozen WITH fondant ($18 per dozen for vanilla, $24 per dozen for other flavor) 

Cookies ($18 per dozen)

Cakes (prices can be found at

To order, you can e-mail me at or text/call 678-687-6270

Merry Christmas!