July 5, 2012

Friends Helping Friends

I have the best friends EVER! They're all great, but the one I'm talking about now is miss Stephanie Godfrey.

She's an INCREDIBLE photographer who agreed to take pictures of my creations. I'm so excited about these pictures. She just gave me the disc tonight, and I'm already here posting them! Make sure you check out her website and facebook page. She can take your senior pictures, photograph your wedding, take some "just because" model shots, and so much more! Really. She's so talented. Don't keep reading until you click on those links :)

Now for the pictures. First up are some generic cupcakes. These were made for teachers who helped with the Creative Arts Camp at church last week. Speaking of which, I'd like to give a shout out to the lovely Joy and Ashley Poole who made it all happen! It was wonderful! 

Next up are some Independence Day cookies. And what's the Fourth of July without some Atlanta Braves?! 

Steph also took some pictures of me actually decorating the cupcakes. It had been a very long day, and baking is always quite messy, so excuse my lack of beauty :) 

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