April 22, 2012

Wedding Bliss

I love weddings so so so much. Love, food, Jesus, cake, family, friends, food, dancing, food. I love it all. Whoops, did I say food more than once? Oh well. What can I say? Let's just say there's a reason I run.

Anyway, weddings. I got to go to a wonderful family friend's wedding yesterday, and it was absolutely beautiful. The day before the wedding, I had the privilege of making a cake for the bridesmaid's luncheon. Ruffles galore!

Here it is at the luncheon...

Then, yesterday, I made some Alabama cupcakes for a birthday party. Half were red velvet with cream cheese icing and half were vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

I'm all baked out this weekend! Luckily I get a chance to recuperate this week with about 3 tests and a paper. Sounds relaxing, huh? Yea, didn't think so. BUT, I will be DONE with classes in one week! Praise the Lord!

Hope everyone has a happy Sunday :)

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