August 7, 2013

Summer in Review

Gosh, time just gets away from you, doesn't it?

I cannot believe how long it has been and how much has happened since I've last blogged.

For all four of you who care what I've been up to, here you go...

I wrote a little bit about my summer job as a counselor at Camp All American in my last post. If you didn't read it, go check it out. There's a link in that post to the CAA website. If you live anywhere near the Johns Creek area, I HIGHLY recommend you send your kids there during the summer. The kids have SO much fun, and the Gospel is so intricately interwoven into everything we do at camp. I think I can speak for every other counselor when I say that each and every one of us love Jesus, love our job, and love the kids. At the start of the summer, I did expect God to work through me in the lives of the kids, but I didn't realize how much God would change MY heart through camp. I am so thankful for the work He did this summer, and I know I will be seeing fruit because of it for months and even years to come. Not to mention, I met some seriously awesome sisters and lifelong friends. God is good!

Camp ended last week, and since then, I have been spending as much time as possible with friends before they all head back to their respective schools. Why does that day have to come?! Can't we just all stay together, not work, and have fun forever? We went to the lake together last weekend, and I can't even explain the joy that weekend brought me. Jesus has seriously blessed me with these friends!

School starts in a couple of weeks, and as much as I am dreading the studying, presentations, and sometimes painfully boring lectures, I am excited to get back into the swing of things.

As for the blog, I've probably said this before, but I REALLY want to get better about updating. Not only with pictures of cakes, but with recipes. STAY TUNED.

Now, let them eat cake.

Until next time...

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