May 5, 2013

Rainy Days and Sunshine Blessings

I originally wrote this post earlier in the day, and the three day rain streak was still going. However, I didn't post it right away, and since then, we've been blessed to see a bit of sunshine. My friend Mari and I are puppy sitting for one of our best friends this week, and we were joking about how we thought the Lord sent the sunshine for us personally. The puppy, Wimberley, is the cutest thing in the world, but she has SO MUCH ENERGY. The rain was keeping us cooped up inside, and we were all about to go crazy. It was so nice to get outside and run around a little with Wimbo. She's napping now for the first time all day, so we are both taking this chance to rest and fully enjoy the quiet. 

Onto the cakes. 

Both of these cakes were SUPER fun for me to make. I loved putting all of the detail into Barbie's dress, I love the little girl I made it for, and I loved the color choices of the birthday girl! 

As for the Mario cake, I was so excited to get started on that one. Super Mario has and always will be my absolute favorite video game. My brother and I played (and do play...what?) it ALL the time growing up. So when I was asked to make this cake, I immediately starting drawing out what I would do. I tried to incorporate as many elements of the game as I could without it looking too busy. All of the decorations on the cake (including Mario and Luigi) were made out of fondant and gumpaste.

Super Mario Brothers Cake 

Barbie Cake 

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