April 27, 2011

Rain Delay

     Well, I've finally had a chance to sit down after a long evening of baking and decorating. Last night consisted of decorating these cupcakes I'm about to show a picture of, and tonight and tomorrow night are all about baking and decorating ROYAL WEDDING cupcakes. By the way, who else is getting up at 5 on Friday to watch the wedding!?
     Anyway, here's the story worthy of the creative "rain delay" title-- after baking and decorating 40 cupcakes and 50 chocolate covered pretzel rods for a meeting tonight at church, the meeting was sadly cancelled due to inclement weather. So...there was major dilemma in figuring out how to salvage the cupcakes and pretzels. Long story short, they will be used at a later date and are now safely wrapped and in the freezer! Hopefully they'll still look as colorful, pretty, and put-together when they're removed and thawed in a couple of weeks...

Up next-- Royal Wedding cupcakes. Be looking for those in the next couple of days!

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