August 8, 2011

Reeses Galore

Well, here's my final post before I leave for Athens (I said it's great to be a Georgia Bulldog!). I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. Because my dorm only has what they call a "kitchen" (meaning a stove and sink) on every other floor, it goes without saying that I won't be baking many cheesecakes, milky way cupcakes, or veggie pizzas for a while :) However, when I do come home, I'm sure I'll be baking like crazy. I'm going to have kitchen withdrawals! Anyway, here are a couple of Reeses projects I've worked on over the past couple of weeks.

First, this is a Reeses CAKE-- special chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream and Reeses sprinkled on top.

Second, this is a Reeses CHEESECAKE. The batter even had crushed up Reeses in it. Mmm. If I had to pick one, the cheesecake would beat the cake. There's a sour cream and chocolate chip concoction on top of the cheesecake, so you can't exactly see its true colors. I'll just have to give you some insight. It was very pretty and peanut-buttery on the inside. Anyone who's as big of a peanut butter fan as I am knows what I mean!

Sadly, that's all I have for now. I'm really going to miss doing what I love for so long. Luckily the holidays will be an awesome opportunity for me to bake all the live long day. Ah, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please get here faster. Until next month, happy baking!

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